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In this day and age, I find it hard that people aren't familiar with the porn site Shemale Japan. Especially people who are fond on New Half, TS and Japanese Shemales. It's such a great site for this kind of content that I just can't believe it has flown under the radar all this time. And I personally think that has to change. That's because you really haven't seen this kind of sexual entertainment until you have visited this site. They present real Asian chicks with dicks who will do just about anything to make the camera and you happy. To give you an example, I compiled a few galleries for you guys to check out. Let's start with this first one of this lovely Japanese ladyboy who wants to not only show you her ample breasts, but also wants you to take a look at her rock hard cock. She's just one of the many girls on this site who are looking to give you the time of your life. Trust me, if you haven't visited this site, then you are missing out on the adventure of your life. - check the whole gallery here!

Blonde TS Girl In A Bikini

I'm a big fan of Asian ladyboys and this gallery will probably show you why this is the case. In this scene, we meet a sexy shemale taking off her bikini before she jumps in the shower for a quick wash. As you watch her shower, you'll quickly come to understand why these girls are some of the most desirable in the world. Back in the day, you would have to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars just for a chance to meet a babe like this one. Nowadays, however, things are a wee bit different. Now all you have to do is fire up your computer and head on over to Shemale Japan to get the ladyboy fix that you need. My, how things have changed. So just sit back and enjoy the delicate curves of this vivacious beauty. Watch as she peels off her top and exposes her beautiful tits. Sit in awe as she gets completely nude and puts on a show that seems to have come straight from the Far East. Having these lovely creatures at your fingertips is truly an incredible thing to enjoy. - check the whole gallery here!

Time For The New Half Main Course

Now that you've been warmed up with a little Asian shemale appetizers, I think it's time to hit you with the main course. Some of you have been patiently waiting for some hot and somewhat naughty tranny sex, so I won't make you wait any longer. Here is a gallery that should fulfill all of your dreams. This gallery is about a Japanese man who spent many months visiting one of his favorite tranny strippers. He went every night to try to woo her to come home with him, but every single time she resisted him. That is until tonight when she decided to make all of his dreams come true. As soon as he gets her through the door, he begins to make moves on her. He begins by gently kissing her legs and working his way up to her bulging crotch. Then when he made it to the promised land, he pulled out her throbbing rod and began to gently suck it off. And that was only the beginning of their adventures. Before long, she had his ass cheeks spread wide and she was stuffing him with every inch of cock she had. She continued to plow him until they both cameher inside his tight ass and him all over his stomach. I guess dreams can come true. - check the whole gallery here!

Ladyboy On Shemale Loving

I heard a rumor that Shemale Japan had the hottest Asian shemale action you could ever see anywhere. And you know what? It's not a fucking rumor but the truth. This site does have the hottest ladyboy action and I am going to prove it right now with this magnificent gallery. In this scene, we meet two chicks with dicks who are really keen on each other. These two ladies are instantly attracted and want to have a little bit of afternoon delightif you know what I mean. And that is exactly what they end up doing in this red hot array of hot pictures. These two babes start things off by pulling off each others tops and licking each others swollen nipples. They then move things south and begin to service each others swollen cocks. The move their ruby lips up and down on each others shafts until they are both hard as compressed carbon. The next thing they do will totally blow your mind. After indulging themselves in a little bit of cocksucking, they then move on to some red hot ass play. They rim each others tasty butt holes and then prepare for a night of steamy anal. - check the whole gallery here!

Erections In Class Will Get You Detention

I want to ask all of you guys out there a serious question and I want a completely honest answer. How many of you not only have a serious thing for hot Japanese shemales, but also have a profound love for Asian schoolgirls? If you guys are anything like me, then you said that you enjoyed both things, and if that is the case, then you might want to check out this hot porn gallery. In this steamy scene, one that I got from Shemale Japan, you will meet a cute schoolgirl who also happens to be a ladyboy. And in this scene, she is going to show us why it's so much fun to have two things all rolled up in one package. This cutie starts off her little show by leaving her school uniform on and just pulling the panties to the side to expose her now rock hard cock. She then begins to stroke that fucking thing until she's about to cum, then she holds off and catches her breath. This girl doesn't want to blow her load too quickly and she certainly don't want you to rush through yours either. She wants it nice and slow so you both can finish at the same time. - check the whole gallery here!

The New Half Girl Of Your Dreams!

I know that some of you are probably wondering just how hot the Asian shemales on Shemale Japan really are. Which is why I decided to share with you the following gallery. These pictures will show you just how smoking hot these babes really are. In fact, this chick might just blow your mind before she blows your wad. Seeing her on a ladyboy porn gallery, it's pretty easy to say that she looks like she's a lady boy. However, I am willing to bet that if you met this exciting and vibrant babe on the street, then you would think she was just another woman. You would have no idea that she had a stiff one swinging between her legs. And the illusion is even more complete with her wearing this sexy fucking outfit. I just love those fishnet stockings that hug her thighs and that g-string that rides up her butt crack. In fact, I am so taken in by her beauty and her allure, that I am almost surprised when she pulls out her dick. And that's with me knowing that I got these pictures from a TS porn site! So don't worry if she catches you of guard as well. - check the whole gallery here!

This Chick With A Dick Hot Enough For You?

Every time that I search for a Japanese shemale porn gallery, I am looking for something that trumps everything that comes before it. Which can be somewhat of a daunting task. After all, the last couple galleries have been so hot, that I think if I found anything hotter that it would melt your monitor or your fucking phone in about 2 seconds flat. However, despite the odds that were stacked against me, I think that I have indeed found a gallery that is hotter than what I have posted on this site previously. It's one that doesn't contain a lot of hardcore actionin fact, it contains very little of it. It does contain one beautiful lady boy however, that I feel you just have to see to believe. In this particular gallery from Shemalejapan, we meet a lady boy who is as lovely as she is sexy. She's cute and dainty and embodies everything that you would want in a shemale. She's simply beauty personified and she's willing and ready to give her fans the show of their lifetimes. The first thing she does it open her shirt and let her tits hang out. Then she pulls off her panties and pulls out her cock. And it is at this point that the show really begins. - check the whole gallery here!

Tall Dark And Extremely Sexual Ladyboy

If you've been looking for an Asian shemale who's tall, dark and beautiful, then let me inform you that you have indeed come to the right spot. Today, I am going to show you a lovely lady from Tokyo who just so happens to meet all of those criteria. In her exclusive nude scene from Shemalejapan, you'll get a chance to meet this lovely babe and see how she can enhance your fantasies and make all of your dreams come true. Step inside her little world and see what makes this lovely beauty tick and in the process, you'll get closer to your goal of getting off. Her scene starts off with her undoing her undershirt and letting her breasts out. Tits that not only look soft and supple, but are also very symmetrical as well. After you have visually dined on her near perfect breasts, she will then move your attention to her throbbing cock. A dick she desperately wants you to suck. Then after you feel like you have finished with her, she has one more trick to show you. She is going to turn around and let you have a nice long look at her round ass. This is when you find out that she's more than just tall, dark and beautiful. - check the whole gallery here!

Surfer Girl Shows Off Her Big Dick

Have you ever seen a transgender surfer girl who also happens to be of Asian descent? Well, if you haven't, then don't worry. It's pretty fucking rare. That's why I was so pumped up when I saw this Japanese Shemale on Shemalejapan. It's like fucking striking oil in your backyard after you just discovered there was an emerald mine under your front yard. Of course, while I know that this chick is going for the surfer slash schoolgirl look, I can't help but to think she kind of looks like she's an elf. I guess it's that haircut coupled with her high cheekbones, but I just feel like if she had pointed ears she could just pass for a female member of the elven council. But then again, maybe that's just me. Sorry, I'm afraid that I have gotten off topic a little bit. What I really wanted to talk about was how hot a body this ladyboy has. She not only has great fucking tits, but she also has long legs and an ass that just won't quit. This is one chick I would really love to bang out. Hell, she's so hot I'd even let he bugger me. - check the whole gallery here!

Up The Stairs To XXX Shemale Porn

Now that I've shown you a number of Asian shemales that I want to fuck, I thought I would take a moment to actually show you some of these fine ladies being fucked. Not by me mind you, but by someone. Oh, never mind. Here is some amazing lady boy fucking for your entertainment. This scene starts off with this twenty-something year old shemale getting fucked by her businessman boyfriend. The two of them are so hot for each other, they can barely make it into his apartment. In fact, they really don't make it all the way in the door. They just kind of decide to fuck on the stairs. At least to start things off. After they do a little bit of playful cock docking, the duo takes turns sucking on each others cocks. Then after they have sucked each other hard, they decide to move their lovemaking session inside. Which is probably a pretty good idea because you don't want the neighbors to start talking. Once they retire inside, that is when things really heat up. This meek, mild mannered businessman spreads his girlfriend's tight ass and plows her for everything she's worth. How that for some some steamy shemale fucking? Are you entertained? - check the whole gallery here!

Makina Hoshinome Knows How To Tease And Please

I want to take a few moments to introduce you to a hot Asian shemale named Makina Hoshinome. This New Half, who comes from Japan, is a total hotty who deserves all of the attention she receives. This babe not only has long dark hair and dark eyes, but also has one rocking body. Take a look for yourself and see if you don't agree with me. This particular scene shows her all curled up with her teddy bear, giving her best school girl impersonation. And she comes pretty close to looking like a hot teen. Especially since she is wearing those too sexy long black stockings. Man, those nylons really make her look even hotter. After a few moments of teasing, she then whips out her big cock and really begins to put on a show. She begins to rub her dick, all while she takes out her tits and shows them off. Even though her boobs are only about an A-cup, they are big enough to make every cock that's watching get hard as a rock. She then climbs up on all fours and gives us all a nice shot of her round ass. Oh, what a gal. - check the whole gallery here!

Hooray! More Hot New Half Hardcore Porn!

Are you ready for another hardcore Japanese shemale porn scene? Well, if you are, then we are ready to give you one. And I have a really great one for you today. A scene in which the new half not only gets fucked, but also does quite a bit of fucking on her own. The scene starts off with a Japanese gentleman who's already nude putting the moves on his fully dressed ladyboy girlfriend. He spends quite a bit of time groping her, and then he pulls down her blouse and begins to suck on her giant fucking titties. Then he pulls out her prick and begins to suck her off. The opening shot in what will be one hell of a sexual conquest. After a few moments of exchanging blowies, the two of them finally decide to get serious and do some real fucking. He spreads her meaty chicks and begins to ass fuck her from several different positions. Then when he has had his fill of her ass, he bends over so she can have her randy fun as well. And trust me, this chick really gives his ass one hell of a pounding. - check the whole gallery here!

This Shemale School Girl's Been Very Naughty

Okay, I know it's been awhile since I showed you an Asian shemale schoolgirl gallery, so I decided to show you one today. In this scene, we meet a hot little chick with a dick who's just so happens to be about 19 years old. Just old enough to show you what she can do with her cock. This chick starts off by undoing her schoolgirl uniform and showing off her titsor actually, if I am going to be completely honest, her lack of tits. She then pulls off her panties and gives the camera a nice shot of her sweet round ass. Once she has finished with those two things, she then pulls out her meaty wand. She then begins to stroke it gently for the camera. Now, this might be a tamer gallery than my previous lady boy school girl gallery, but I still think it's pretty fucking hot. What do you think of the gallery? Is it one that gets your rocks off or makes you want to find something else? - check the whole gallery here!

Blonde Shemale Knows How To Impress With Her Tight Body

Holy fuck! Did you just see that hot Asian shemale with blonde hair and a rocking body pass by? Man, she's one of the hottest lady boys I've seen in quite some time. Fortunately, I have some of her pics that I can share with you. Once you check this chick out, you will forget all about any other woman you may have seen. When I first saw these pics I was blown back about ten meters. This blonde babe is fucking hot. And that's true whether you're a fan of shemales or not. She has a pretty face, long legs and perfect fucking tits. She even has a nice fucking ass. This girl is the kind you take home and make your girlfriend. This scene starts off with her showing off her sleek and sexy body. A body that she has wrapped in that tight, and very short skirt. However, she doesn't keep that fucking thing on too long. Nope, she takes it off pretty quickly and gives us all a close up look at her killer bod. - check the whole gallery here!

This Ladyboy Has More Than Enough To Get You Off

I noticed that sometimes I get mixed reactions for this Asian shemale gallery. Some people think that this lady is a little too flat up top. That she could really use a boob job or something. While certainly you can think of it like that, I'd prefer to think of it in another way. I like to think of this ladyboy as pretty fucking hot. Sure, I like big boobs like everyone else, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got. Which is exactly what we are going to do today. We are going to appreciate this chick with a dick for who she is. A beautiful, sexy and an amazing woman. If there is one thing this chick has going for her, it's the fact that she really knows how to work the fucking camera. She knows how to hold her body for maximum effect and she knows how to work her fucking cock. Regardless of what you think about her uptown real estate, she is more than capable of getting you off. I know that after I spent a few moments with her, my cock was as swollen as an overfilled water balloon. - check the whole gallery here!
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